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"Visited both waterfalls with a guide. Especially the second one is very impressive! Climbing / walking is easy, there are mostly paved paths / stairs. You have to wade through a ankle-high stream for 5 minutes.
Then enjoy in the waterfall!"

Tiu Kelep

          The Tiu Kelep waterfall near Senaru is not far from the Sendang Gile waterfall. If you are without a guide, just follow the water flow. Then you get there automatically and you save on paying the guide, who speaks little or no English.
The hike to the Tiu Kelep waterfall is an easy trip and takes around 20 minutes. You walk through the lush tropical jungle. The paths are usually muddy. They lead you to several shallow rivers without bridges, so you have to wade through the rivers. You can expect to get wet until the knees. You better take off your shoes and enjoy the sensation of cold river pebbles under your bare feet.
Once you get to the waterfall, you have to be careful. The stones and rocks are slippery here and there and you could slip with all the consequences. So watch out! The splashes of the falling water can be clearly felt. If you want to take photos, do so at a distance of around 30 to 40 meters.

If you have swimsuits with you, you can now take a refreshing dip in the bath. You can try to get behind the waterfall and dive through the falling water from there.
This waterfall is higher than the Sendang Gile and falls from a height of 40 meters down. According to the locals ok this water of the waterfall has medicinal properties and thus refreshes your spirituality. So it goes double here.
Although it is perhaps unclear what kind of illness can cure this water, the site, which is hundreds of meters above sea level, offers more than just recreation. The air is clean and cool and far away from the crowds and pollution.
Sometimes there is fog around the waterfall. The falling water sometimes also causes a small rainbow.


The waterfall is surrounded by a densely protected forest. Filled with tropical plants. Such as Bajur Tree (Pterocarpus sp.), Sentul Tree (Sondarium) and Teak Tree (Tektona grandis). These trees are home to protected fauna, such as wild monkeys and a kind of cockatoo. Tiu Kelep means 'flying water features'. A waterfall of 45 meters high. The locals gave the waterfall its name, because the water flies wild from this waterfall because of this height.

The population also says that the roaring sound of water droplets is getting louder. Especially when people are talking noisily around the waterfall. During the earthquake that destroyed Lombok in 2018, Tiu Kelep is one of the destinations that was hit hard by the disaster.

From a travelogue:

"It takes a while to get there, but then you have something. Straight through the jungle, wading through rivers and climbing over rocks, you finally arrive at a beautiful cooling waterfall in the middle of the jungle. You can skip the first waterfall, by the way. Tip: after the effort it is nice to relax at the Rinjani Lodge, and its beautiful infinity pool!"





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