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"Last Thursday we went to Sukawati by taxi. At half past six in the morning we left for this village near Ubud. Sukawati is known for its temple umbrellas, dance fans, carvings, paintings and other garbage cans. All these handicrafts are inexpensive to buy at the Pasar Seni art market."

Art Market

          Everything that is sold at the art market in Sukawati is at a bargain price. So there is no fixed rate, and you don't have to buy anything at the price that the seller asks. So you have to bargain. On this page you will also find tips for haggling.

The Sukawati market is gaining popularity among tourists, due to the range of traditional Balinese handicrafts, clothing, Balinese painting and silver jewelry, Balinese carvings at a low price. You can also buy clothes at the Sukawati art market, such as a t-shirt with a Barong screen print or Balinese Batik.
You can also buy trousers or beach sarong at an affordable price compared to other places in Bali. Therefore, if you want to give Balinese souvenirs to your friends and family without spending much of your travel budget in Bali, then you should visit the Sukawati art market.


In addition to clothing, you can also have Balinese paintings made by a local painter at the traditional art market in Sukawati. But most of the paintings, which are sold on the Sukawati art market, have a national or abstract theme.

The price for the paintings varies and depends on the size of the canvas. My advice, if you decide to buy Balinese artwork at the Sukawati market, is to not buy it framed, because the transportation on the plane is awkward and your luggage may become heavier. However, if it doesn't matter, take it framed! I'm pretty sure that the painting is much cheaper if you buy it in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in buying Balinese silver jewelry (Buddha to Buddha), you can also find it on the traditional market of Sukawati. However, if you want to visit the best place for silver jewelry, go to the village of Celuk, which is close to the art market.


Below are a few tips that you can use to negotiate (bargain) at the traditional art market of Bali.

  • Take a walk around the market and compare the souvenirs before you decide to buy something. As you walk across the market, you will find that many traders are selling the same items.
  • Ask the seller for the price and compare the price at each trader with the same item. Be polite when asking for the price and don't buy anything yet.
  • Give the seller a compliment that his item is good, then leave and go to the other seller, who offers the same item. Keep doing as above and you will see that one or two sellers ask you a lower price for the item you want to buy.
  • After you walk around, you know which seller is asking the lowest price. Now you can start negotiating with him.
  • When bargaining, the price offers 70% less. When the dealer starts to lower his price, it is your turn to increase the price bit by bit. See where you end up with the bargain and think carefully if you are satisfied with the price.

The market is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A Balinese trader believes that his day will only be successful if he sells his first article early. Come early and try to take advantage of it.
Distance: Ubud - Sukawati : 20 - 30 minutes (20 km)


Everything that is sold

From a report:

" We come here every year in Sukawati to do some shopping. The best time is early in the morning, then you can bargain more easily. If you want cheap souvenirs you have to be at the back, walk out of the parking lot and then the intersection? cross over, and there you have to be.
Here the souvenir shops from all over Bali do their shopping (sort of wholesale) here you can not bargain because the prices are already very low .. We have also been to a painter's home, much cheaper than anywhere else, this can be found in the various side streets is a bit of a search."


Anahata Villas & Spa Resort

Settled on the banks of Baliís Petanu River, guests who consider this resort will come to fully understand the concept of tranquil living. The Anahata Villas & Spa Resort thrives on catering to their guests individual needs by offering complete spa packages and yoga courses, as well as a wide variety of activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and private barbecues. Each of the 12 villas on the property has its own private plunge pool for those who donít feel like taking a dip in the Petanu. Guests looking to escape the peace and tranquility can hop aboard a shuttle if they so choose. Making a booking at Anahata Villas & Spa Resort is easy with our secure online form. Just enter your dates and click.

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