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"Two very beautiful waterfalls. Entrance is 10,000RP pp We went without a guide, this is great to do (guides ask about 100,000RP and they can really show you where you can't see anything) After about 15 minutes you will arrive at the first waterfall, here it was very busy.
On to the second waterfall, this one is about 20/25 minutes away and this one was really beautiful and much less crowded. The roads are well passable. On the way back we chose the right path (where all the scooters are) and what appears to be a very nice view over the rice fields through this road and at the end you arrive at the road .. where there is no entrance booth to be found .. you should just know that! "

Sendang Gile

          Near Senaru are two beautiful waterfalls that are worth visiting. They are the "Sendang Gile" and the "Tiu Kelep" waterfall. They are in the National Park on the route to climb Mount Rinjani. The guides will approach you upon arrival in Senaru. The Sendang Gile is the first waterfall and very easy to find. The guides, including women, want to guide you to the falls, especially because the second waterfall (the Yiu Kelep) is hard to find.
You absolutely do not need a guide! Both waterfalls are very easy to find by following the path and the other tourists. All you have to do is buy a ticket of around 70 Euro cents. Within 20 minutes you are at the first waterfall. You can hear the splashing sound from afar.
Entry fees for national park and village are paid here. Village guides, including several local women, have been specially trained to guide visitors around the sights.

Senaru's most famous attraction is the Sendang Gila waterfall, which attracts thousands of Indonesian and foreign visitors every year. This waterfall is located around 600 meters above sea level and can easily be reached for 20 minutes on a gradually sloping path. It is a stone's throw from Senaru Village.
The waterfall is on the northern slope and comes from a source of Mount Rinjani.
The waterfall falls from a height of 30 meters down. According to the locals, the water of the waterfall has medicinal properties and thus refreshes your spirituality.
Although it is perhaps unclear what kind of illness can cure this water, the site, which is hundreds of meters above sea level, offers more than just recreation. The air is clean and cool and far away from the crowds and pollution.


The Sendang Gile waterfall, which attracts thousands of Indonesian and foreign visitors every year, is the most famous waterfall in Mount Rinjani. It is approximately 600 m above sea level.
The unique thing about this waterfall is that it has two floors. The first first of the waterfall, the water immediately falls into a pond. While the second floor of the waterfall is smaller, there are two that flow further into a river.
An early morning or evening walk to the waterfall you will probably see interesting birds, butterflies and at least one of the two species of monkeys that live in the surrounding forest. These are the long-tailed macaques, locally known as Kera, often sitting on the road. More elusive is the rare Silvered Leaf monkey, and also known as the black monkey or lutung, which you often see in the forest around the falls.

The name Sendang Gile (translated: Crazy Lion) comes from the locals themselves. In the past, local residents accidentally discovered this waterfall when they were hunting a crazy lion. This crazy lion caused a lot of unrest with the residents of surrounding villages. The lion fled into the jungle and when the residents searched for him, this exotic waterfall was eventually found. This ensures that the locals call this water the Sengang Gile. But over time, the word Sengang was replaced by "Sendang" because of the easier pronunciation.

From a travelogue:

"In November we visited Senaru and went to the falls. After paying a small entrance fee, you walk quite easily via the stairs to the first waterfall (a guide is really not necessary). After seeing the first waterfall, the journey to the second waterfall is a bit more challenging. You have to go through a fast-flowing stream three times. So make sure you are prepared for this (slippers, water shoes, etc.). When you get through the streams the reward follows, the second waterfall. This is very impressive and you can swim here. If you are in Senaru it is a must to visit these waterfalls."





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