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"And then suddenly I lost the guide ... It became dead silent and pitch dark. I had just climbed a dubiously steep rock just before that, which afterwards did not belong to the path. Nowhere else were the lights of other climbers, my light was too weak to shine well around me. I knew that the crater edge was rather narrow and a step on the guess seemed a bit unwise. Maybe I flickered over the rim into the volcano. I decided to sit on the stone, wait for the daylight. Lost, only at 3,500 meters on the volcano edge in the dark."

On top of the Rinjani looking down at the crater lake with the Gunung Baru

          A trekking to the top of the Rinjani is not suitable for novice hikers or casual tourists. But if you are ready for a 3-day trip to the top of the second highest volcano in Indonesia, here is everything you need to know before you leave.
From every town on Lombok the 3.726 meter high mountain Rinjani rises over the whole island. Of the 129 volcanoes in the country, the Rinjani is the second highest (only crowned by Mount Kerinci on Sumatra). The ominous silhouette of the Rinjani is a constant reminder of the powerful forces rumbling just below the surface of the earth. The last major eruption of this volcano was in October 2015. The area was temporarily closed and a few weeks there were no planes flying over Lombok. It is not surprising that Hindus and the indigenous people of Lombok regard the volcano and the crater lake as sacred places.

The climb of the Rinjani is not for everyone. The paths up to the crater rim are easily accessible, but style. You need a good physical condition and you have to prepare well. That means that you have to think about the right clothes and extra snacks, such as energy bars.
You book an excursion to the top of the volcano with a guide. You can climb Mount Rinjani in two, three, or four days. The two-day trek brings you to the top of the volcano and back again. There are porters for the heavy stuff, such as tents etc. You spend the night on the volcano on a kind of camping. Good to know is that you spend the night in a reasonably wide tent, clean and warm sleeping bag, comfortable mattress and pillows. Do not expect a good night's sleep.
It becomes exceptionally cold. The temperature drops dramatically at this altitude and the camp site for the summit is about 3000 meters.


Before the climb you have to register in the office of Lomboks National Park. You always pull up in a group with a guide.


Temperatures drop by 6.5 degrees Celsius for every 1000 meters of altitude. The temperature at sea level in Lombok varies from 20-32 degrees Celsius, so you can expect that the air temperature at the top of Mount Rinjani (3700 meters) is somewhere between -4 and 8 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of day and the year.
Colin Mackenzie, the first British traveler who wrote Merapi (Java) in 1812, wrote about the journey: "I experienced an intense cold similar to that I have ever experienced in Europe". Merapi is nnot so high as the Rinjani.
Indonesian student hikers die fairly frequently from exposure to the Rinjani because they bring too little warm clothing.

The most popular and all-embracing trek is the three day / two night excursion. You start in Senaru or Sembalun Lawang. From Senaru you will start the ascent through the jungle, while the tour from Sembalun Lawang will take you through the long grass.
It is recommended to start your three-day trip from Sembalun Lawang. The trek starts in the early morning, so you reach the crater rim in the afternoon. Then you will climb the summit the first night. The ascent to the summit starts at 2 am, so you have reached the top before sunrise. The ascent is icy cold, the slope is steep, and the thin air makes breathing heavier. However, this all pays for itself in a great sunrise and reaching the summit at 3726 meters where everyone can be very proud. Arriving at the crater rim you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Mount Rinjani. You look out over the blue-green lake (Danau Segara Anak), which originated after an eruption. In the middle a small island has risen, on which a new smaller volcano has arisen: the Gunung Baru. Sometimes you see the smoking cone of the Gunung Baru rising from the lake.
The carriers set up the tents and start preparing dinner. After about 6 to 8 hours of walking and climbing, it is really fun to enjoy a good meal in peace.
After the heavy ascent you can also deliciously paddle in the hot springs at the crater lake. Moreover, you close the second day with a fantastic sunset above the clouds. You sleep on a kind of camping. & Nbsp; The third day you descend from the crater rim through the jungle to Senaru. You end the trek under a fantastic jungle shower at Senaru, or with little sleep you can relax on the beautiful beaches of the Gili islands or in Kuta.

Camping at the crater lake

From a travel blog:

"I have no idea how long I've been there (I'm sure nothing is that long ...), but a light came out in one. Another climber took me towards the right path. Soon I came across what many people found the most difficult part of the climb: very steep and a ground of gravel-like stones: 2 steps forward and 1 step down again. Maybe it was the adrenaline of the past, maybe because I come from Zweeloo, but it did not seem to be that heavy anymore. I digged my way up. Graves and grit steps, a new talent discovered.
And then I was at the top. The first one I encountered was my guide. I was in anger with him, did not even notice the mighty view at the top. Calm down, tea. View of the volcano lake, reached the top! Start to become a little satisfied now, at that time it really did not seem possible ..."




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