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"On Monday morning we left for Lombok, an Indonesian island (next to Bali). After a stopover in Bali we arrived in Praya after a few hours, and from there we took a taxi to Kuta, a town on the south coast. We had a nice drink on the beach while it was slowly dark became."

Street view Praya

          Praya is the second city of Lombok and also province capital of Central Lombok. It is a predominantly Muslim city, with minorities of Balinese inhabitants, who follow Hinduism and Chinese inhabitants, who follow Buddhism or Christianity. It has about 60,000 inhabitants.
Praya is close to the airport of Lombok, Bandara Internasional Lombok, which opened on 1 October 2011. The airport is the only operating airport on the island and has both international and domestic flights. For 2011 aircraft were flying at the Selaparang airport at Mataram.

Praya is the cultural center of the region and provides it with everything. There is a large central renting market, which meets the daily needs of the population. In Praya are the banks, modern shops, supermarkets and a department store. The city also has a Great Mosque for the Muslim community.
The city has a very popular football club, whose supporters often gather in a square in the afternoon to play football. The large number of sports fields shows the predilection and awareness of the city for sport.
Praya City has public urban transport, which passes through several other cities on the island of Lombok, such as Mataram, Cakranegara and Ampenan. The Praya City Terminal is the bus terminal for both intercity and public transport. The terminal is next to the Renteng Market.


Mandalika Monument

The legend of Princess Mandalika and famous for the Bale Nyale festival goes like this:
The kingdom of Tonjang Beru (South Lombok) was ruled by a king and this one had a daughter, Princess Mandalika. Once adult she was a very beautiful girl. She was very graceful and beautiful. She became soon known as a friendly and polite princess.
The beauty and elegance of Princess Mandalika was very famous from the east to the west of the island of Lombok. Princes fell in love with other kingdoms and wanted to marry Princess Mandalika.
She refused because, in addition to her love, she also felt responsible for the population. There would be a protracted war on the island if she were to marry.
Confused by this situation, the princess began to meditate. After a few times the princess was given a kind of revelation. She had to invite all princes to a meeting early in the morning before sunrise, and she did.
The princess came with a very beautiful dress of very fine silk fabric. She walked to the edge of a cliff and stopped atop the rocks. She spoke with a loud voice: "O father and mother and all the Princes and people of the Tonjang Beru that I love. I can not choose one of the princes "
Unexpectedly the princess threw herself into the sea, the waves swallowed her body immediately and that was accompanied by storm, lightning and a thunderstorm.
The people claim that the "Nyale" is the incarnation of the princess.

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque
The Great Mosque is one of the most famous and largest mosques in Lombok. In 2014, this mosque was still being renovated. The budget was then 8 billion rupees. The mosque is owned by the government.

Praya Culinary
Praya also has a wide variety of delicious dishes that invite you to enjoy. The famous food in Kota Praya consists mainly of traditional dishes, which are authentic and spicy. In the afternoon you can enjoy this on the main streets of Praya, like Jl. Jendral Sudirman and the surrounding streets. Some dishes such as grilled chicken taliwang, seafood and satay. Many stalls here are the target of culinary enthusiasts.

From a travel report:

"A warm farewell to our crew at the airport, I help the group with check-in, Wings Air does not have a problem of overweight hold baggage and with a propeller gear we have a good flight to the new airport at Lombok (Praya). We are met there by mr. Hannafil from Manumadi. He immediately apologizes for the far too small minibus for 8 people. and luggage and promises a larger bus for the return journey. After about 2 hours drive we reach our hotel Puri Saron in Senggigi. That immediately falls into good soil, beautiful rooms, beautifully landscaped gardens and nice swimming pool. Here we can hold out well in the coming days."





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