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Peguyangan Waterfall

"Very long road with thousands of stairs to get to it. Admission is free, but along the way the access road runs through a temple where you have to rent a sarong for 15,000. You walk for half an hour and once you get there there is actually no waterfall but a jet coming from a PVC tube. If you really have nothing else to do and you want fitness on stairs, consider it. Otherwise it is certainly not worth it."


          De Peguyangan Waterfall is also called the Guyangan Waterfall. When you arrive at the waterfall, there is a parking space where you can park the vehicle for a fee. There is no admission fee to visit the Peguyangan waterfall. However, you have to rent a sarong here, because you will pass a secret temple on your route. It can be difficult to go down the stairs with a sarong, but you can take it off and on again when you reach the temple below.
Of course, there are also various warungs with merchandise at the entrance Because this entire place is more of a religious sanctuary than a waterfall, many people are disappointed with the end result. But the view from the walk through the famous blue Nusa Penida staircase more than makes up for it.

So you should not expect a real waterfall, but there are small pools (swimming pools) where you can cool off. The rock pools are in the shade of a natural half cave, which is very unique. The water does not fall, like a real waterfall, in a large, straight line downwards, as with the waterfalls in Bali. It is so special, because the water along the rocks slowly falls into the sea through different swimming pools, which differ in height. You can only reach this waterfall via the iconic blue stairs on the wall of a cliff, passing the water temple.
From the start (the top of the cliff) you can look for miles. You can even see groups of wild Manta swimming around the bottom of the sea.


A small arch marks the entrance to the Peguyangan waterfall. The stairs (another staircase) to it does a considerable attack on your physical condition. It is quite a walk along narrow blue steps. The way to this waterfall is challenging. It is a descent from the 200 meter high cliff via very steep stairs with 700 steps. This is a nice walk of about 20 minutes down. From the stairs you have a view over the ocean and with a bit of luck you will see groups of manta rays swimming again.

During the descent you will also pass a small water temple. Don't expect a big building, the temple is just a simple gate with a small outside space behind it. There is a small altar here. This place is also frequently visited by the locals, who perform Hindu rituals here. This holy water temple has 3 jets of water that come from a dragon beak. Here the locals clean themselves in their underwear without worrying. There is also a large, fourth water jet. Here they must complete the ceremony to receive the blessings of the Gods. People believe that if they take a shower under all water jets, their minds will be cleansed of evil. Sacrifices are placed in front of the temple and incense sticks are burned.

At the bottom, near the Indian Ocean, the water gathers in small, natural rock pools. From here you have a great view of the ocean. The water is so fresh that it is perfect to freshen up your body after such a long journey down. Then the water falls down the edge of the bath into the ocean, where the water from the ocean crashes into the rocks.


When there is little to no rainfall, the water becomes scarce and the waterfall sometimes threatens to stop flowing. The Guyangan waterfall is unique in that the water from the falls directly into the Indonesian ocean, after it has been filtered through the pools.

From a travelogue:

"I wouldn't call it a waterfall myself. It concerns a long impressive section full of blue stairs that give a beautiful view over the cliffs. Once down there is a nice swimming area with waves crashing hard against the rocks. Because of the temple and the holy water, a sarong is mandatory. You can rent this for 10,000 pp. Fortunately there is no question of mass tourism. One of my favorites on the island!"





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