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Pantai Tebing

"The fifth day I went to Tebing beach. This beach consists of an entire bay where many local people fish and few tourists. Behind the bay, when you climb over the hills, there are many small beaches that are not visited and are still unknown. Also this day we watched sunset again from the hills."

Parking by the sea

          In North Lombok near Tanjung, every local knows how to find a beach that is unknown to tourists. This beach has many names, mentioned by the locals, but the most popular name is Pantai Tebing.
It is approximately 20 minutes from the capital of North Lombok Tanjung and approximately one hour drive from Mataram, the capital of Lombok. On your trip from Mataram to the north you'll pass the Pusuk Monkey Forest. On this road is a sharp turn to the left. Then you see a sign with "Pemenang Bangsal". Here you have to go to the right.
This beach has only recently been discovered and is easily accessible. The path (path) to it starts right behind the SMPN 2 school. To find the school easily, it's best to ask the locals, everyone knows how to find the beach. Not many visitors come and not many people know this deserted beach.

If you come by motorcycle or moped, you can drive straight to the beach on the narrow dirty path that leads you to the beach. But if you come by taxi / car, you'll would park the car close to Main Street, due to the narrow path to the beach. You can also drive further, but the path is very narrow. You don't have to walk far, because the distance to the beach is around 200 meters.
The beach is freely accessible to everyone. You will not find any warning signs there that should come in the future. You want to protect the environment and people against litter and to irresponsibly go too far.
What is a little disappointing is that you do not have a white sandy beach, which is black in color due to a volcanic eruption. However, you do have a fantastic sea view. The water is very clear and there are towering cliffs in the background.


The cliffs

The people in this region still live primitive. They spend their time as farmers on land or they can be found at sea, as fishermen. These are the main incomes of the people in this region. Although the beach and the background with meter-high cliffs are beautiful, people really do not know how to improve and promote this place as a "new travel destination". The cliffs around the beach are around 20 to 25 meters high.

The locals can also often be found on this beach. They use the beach as part of their daily life: they swim, fish or snorkel there. This means that there is a lot of fish in this and that there is a rich underwater life. If you go snorkeling yourself, you will see lots of colorful fish and beautiful coral. Fish and coral are two underwater ecosystems that need each other. Occasionally you see sailing ships pass by in the distance.
The high cliffs are the result of a volcanic eruption of Mount Samalas (a volcano belonging to the Rinjani volcano complex). It has therefore formed a coating structure on the cliffs with various components, including pumice.


From a travelogue:

"Along the way you see a lot of nature, lots of greenery, small mini villages consisting of 5 houses and people who still practice "traditional professions". Many people were plowing on the fields or watering the rice fields and many buffaloes were walking along the road. These buffaloes ran in herds and there was one guardian who controlled the entire herd of stray buffalo with one wooden stick. The view over the fields and hills is really amazing. There is no pollution along the road and you have a beautiful view of the unspoilt nature. The children just play freely in the fields, run around naked in the mud and try to catch buffalo with a slingshot."





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