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"Then to the water palace Narmada. The monarch from previous centuries wanted to build the volcano through terraces and at the foot of a large water buses. He himself sat on a covered terrace watching the women were bathing. As for the resemblance to the volcano: this question mark is imagination. It is a very nice place, with a temple on top of the top ......."

Taman Narmada with swimming pool

          Taman Narmada is located in the village of Lembuak, about 10 kilometers east of the capital Mataram. Narmada is a water park, which is a replica of the mountain Rinjani with the lake Segare Anak. This park is one of the holy places for the local population. Narmada has recently been renovated. One of the buildings is still under renovation: Bale Loji. This is the resting place of the king and his family. The name Narmada itself is derived from the name of a tributary of the Ganges: the Narmada Nadi, which in India is a very holy river. The park is known for four special features:

  • The fountain of youth
  • Bale Terang (Bale Loji)
  • Bale Pawedayan
  • Pura Kalasa


The fountain of youth
One of the things that made Narmada Park famous is Bale Petirtaan. A source, which is a confluence of three water sources: Suranadi, Lingsar and Narmada itself. Hindus believed this water Tirta or holy water. Visitors believed that holy water is the source of youth.
In this Bale Petirtaan a holy clear water flows, which can be used for washing the face or that can be drunk immediately after worship. If visitors do not have much time or time to pray, you can buy the water.

In the Bale Petirtaan the holy water can not be used to wash the feet, and women who are in the menstrual period are not allowed to enter the Bale.


The temple

Bale Terang (Bale Loji)
Narmada was built by King Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem in 1727, as the summer home of the royal family. Bale Loji is built in the shape of a house. It has a basement, which serves as a warehouse. The upper part is divided into three rooms. The rooms at the ends serve as a bedroom and the middle is the living room. The living room is an open space. Visitors to the Bale Terang can enjoy the view of the swimming pool with clear water and from afar you can see red flowering trees that breathe a fresh scent that is typical of forest flowers.

Bale Pawedayan
Besides the Bale Terang (Bale Loji) Bale Pawedayan also serves as a place to read a Wedha book. A book with Hindu writings and texts.

Pura Narmada
The temple of Pura Kalasa is also interesting for visitors. This temple is one of the eight oldest temple on the island of Lombok. This holy place is touted as a miniature of Mount Rinjani, which is surrounded by impressive green shrubs and trees with a beautiful lake. The temple in the park, the Pura Kalasa, is still used and every year the Balinese Pujawali festivals are held here to honor the god Batara who hangs around the Gunung Rinjani.

The Garden

" Next to the pool is a long stretched, wide fish pond. Here one is fishing male, a few hundred together. The fact that someone is catching something seems very unlikely. Of course at the exit some shops, but this is partly also intended for the local population. "






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