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"Then we went to a market opposite the Taman Narmada. This was really such a local market as you sometimes see on TV; A lot of fruit, smelly fish, and again all gaping eyes (of course we were the only whites there). The smell of that market, bah, we never forget! But it was fun to sniff around there .."

The market

Traditional market of Sweta next to the bus station of Mandalika and near the historic tourist destination Narmada Park. it is the largest market in Lombok and despite the appearance you immediately feel that you are in the center of Lombok. The success of the market is because the articles sold on the market are relatively cheap and affordable. You can hit your head here. It is a huge complex of stalls and market stalls, where really everything is for sale. Who knows, it is possible to score a few songket, the beautiful woven cloths, for which the island is famous, for a 'scoring'. If you like wood from traditional markets, you should not miss it.

Every day traders set up the stalls selling fresh products from the whole island, local snacks and products, live chickens and fresh fish in the afternoon when the fishing boat enters.
Most markets open early, when the supply of the surrounding countryside comes in and are the domain of women. They do the shopping, but usually also behind the stalls. In small villages, the market is not every day, but is part of a circulating tour system. Most places, however, have a daily market, which is only close to Idul Fitri, the first day of the end of Ramadan.
At the Sweta Market you can buy herbs and nicely made wicker baskets, which some entrepreneurs buy and take to Bali to sell at high prices.



Pottery products are very popular among the visitors of the market. They are pretty cheap, last for many years and serve as great gifts for friends / family members at home. The local artisans are respected masters of pottery and make all sorts of incredible images on the products.
Besides the handmade items - souvenirs and tableware - the Sweta Market is also the best in spices, herbs, vegetables and fruit. Some people prefer to buy the items from different villages, but that is not really worth it, because the prices on the market are more affordable.
The Sweta market is always full of people - especially tourists - and during the 'hot' season the local population deserves a lot of money. Souvenirs as shown here will cost more in Europe and / or America. The affordable price is probably the biggest selling point of this market. The fans of clothes will be happy to hear that Songket and Ikat are also available.
The market covers a large area and it is not only good to sell something to the visitors. Take a good look around: there are many cafés / restaurants in the neighbourhood, where you can relax and have something tasty to eat. But be careful, because the food in Indonesia is usually very spicy.

Vegetables for sale

From a travel blog:

" So we decided to go walking, but it is far to Mataram and it was very hot. Along the way we encountered a few horse carts, but they asked so much money ... that went against Nick's principles ... just go through. After walking for 5 km in the burning sun we finally met a taxi who wanted to take us to Mataram. It was already 2:30 PM and we had not eaten anything yet. Quickly popped into a McDonalds and bought something to eat ... Very bad, but it was nice! And now we're back here in the internet cafe ... "




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