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"After making a wish by throwing a coin in the holy water we stepped on the scooter again. Our last stop today: Mataram Mall. This shopping center has all kinds of different shops with everything you can think of. Here we ate something but otherwise it was not that special. We went home after dinner. At 10 o'clock we got hungry again so we went to dinner again. The menu consisted of duck with rice, chicken with rice or fish with rice. "

Mataram Mall

          Mataram consists of Ampenan, Cakranegara and Mataram itself. It is one unified agglomeration. It is a fairly large city with about half a million inhabitants; the suburbs included. Cakranegara is the commercial center in the east of the city Cakranegara has the largest concentration of shops. There are a few interesting small shops above the markets and a large area at the back of the "wet market" with a significant number of clothing and furniture vendors. It is an often dark and confusing maze of small corridors and goods. So tourists, who are not used to densely packed and somewhat chaotic Asian market environments, may find it best to visit the more predictable Mataram Mall. The streets of Cakra have a wide range of shops along the way, selling a wide range of products.

The Mataram Mall was once the largest shopping center in Mataram. The shopping center consists of several floors and it opened in 2005. It is still loved by locals.
Mataram Mall consists of several floors and with various facilities, such as "an indoor field" for football fans, fun playground for children suitable for all ages, restaurants and places, where you can celebrate your children's birthday. Mataram Mall offers space to a wide range of stores ranging from clothing, furniture, electrical appliances, books and more. If you are in Lombok, Mataram Mall is the ideal place to buy all your souvenirs, including the typical items made on the island of Lombok.


There is a kind of gigantic store with cheap plastic counterfeit goods. Plastic market stuff, such as barrettes, tupperware, headscarves, nylon panties, Hello kitty, fake Gucci, batik shirts and plastic tablecloths, a 24 Hour KFC, a very nice supermarket downstairs, a badslipper walhalla, pirate children's restaurant etc etc. It's a pretty complete shopping mall, not with expensive brand stores but a good assortment. Do not expect western sizes. They have a small Hero supermarket, plus favorite fast food restaurants, including the only McDonalds and KFC on the island.


The latest shopping mall in Mataram is the Epicenter, officially called the Lombok Epicenter Mall (LEM) and was opened in 2016. The atrium is the largest public indoor space and is intended to bring people from Lombok together for social events, while the corridors for food and drink have more intimate social spaces. The design of the building is inspired by the sea, which surrounds the island of Lombok. The smooth façade imitates the movement of the ocean.
The Epicentrum has several floors. It is air-conditioned and has many western shops and there is much to do for children. There is a Starbucks, Burger King and a KFC. There are also Indonesian eateries, however. Many stores such as C & A, which are department store-like. But also stores, such as Bodyshop, Billabong and many designer opticians, who do not have any global brands. There is a fine cinema on the top floor with delicious popcorn and in the film English is spoken, so it is easy to follow. This is therefore extremely suitable when a tropical rain shower falls.
The shopping center is clean and that also applies to the toilets. The Epicenter is suitable for the middle class of Lombok and therefore also for foreigners. The poorer local population does not come here. Messages can be done at the hypermarket on the ground floor.

Shopping centers not far from each other

From a travel report:

"On Tuesday we went to the Mataram Mall with Lia to get towels and other necessary items, such as shampoo and hand soap. After that I did some shopping with Dianthe and Lysanne for a whole orphanage, that night we would cook for ten men. We have chosen to make a Dutch pot: potatoes, green beans and a meatball with gravy. Lia told us that this was the first time she did not eat rice, but she liked it. "




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