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"After having slept in Botchan Hostel for two nights, I decided to book a private room with my friend because we liked Kuta so much and we wanted to stay longer. The only (for us) affordable options on Kuta were homestays. Most of them, however, are not very special, but one really jumped out for us: Aira's Homestay. A private bamboo hut with terrace where we could hang our hammock and the best breakfast of Indonesia for about 11 euros per night for two people. Fine right ?!"

Kuta Lombok

          Kuta on the south coast of Lombok is one of those places where you want to stay for weeks. It is the only area in the south that has been developed somewhat for tourists. It is nothing like his namesake in Bali. Kuta Lombok is a super cozy place with lots of nice restaurants and a very nice atmosphere. Life is going a bit slower in Kuta. From Kuta you can easily visit the beaches and beautiful places in the area and it is the perfect place to learn how to surf.

There is a lot to change in Kuta, because it is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Now is the time to go before all kinds of large resorts are spread along the coastline. From Kuta you can easily explore the south of Lombok by scooter or car.

Kuta still feels like a small fishing village. It gives the town a lot of hidden charm. During the day you can stay on one of the many beautiful, white beaches that you can only dream of. The larger beaches in and around Kuta are Kuta Beach, Pantai Segar, Putri Nyale, Tanjung A'an, Mawun and Selong Belanak.

Kuta Lombok, according to the elderly, looks like his Balinese cousin, as he must have seen decades ago. Coconut palms blow in the wind above small hostels and the main road along the beach finds its way among straw-covered warung huts like small local shops, cafes and shops selling beach clothes, textiles and wood carvings.
I had a drink on a terrace. There is a modest atmosphere and it is heaven for the surfers, because the Indian Ocean foams and luddles against the two long beaches with white sand. You are struck by the color of the azure sea, which sometimes turns into shades of different shades of blue, as if they were coming right out of a paintbrush.
All in all, you feel incredibly happy here. Up and down along the beach: surfers and adventurous sun worshipers mingle with the locals. They greet each other with easy smiles and give each other high-fives.


From your room you can hear in the distance the roar of mopeds and the appeal of the muezzin to the population. He reports that Ramadan is approaching at sunset. At night the stars came on the scene and you see the Southern Cross, a novelty for someone who always lives in the northern hemisphere. As I stare up into the evening sky, I hear the surf ringing in the distance. I can not be happier in the coming days. Kuta will be my base in the coming days.

The reef off the coast ensures good branding. This makes it an ideal place for surfers. You can rent a surfboard in Kuta, then you can arrange a friendly driver, who will take you to your beach and you will live on the waves of southern Lombok. As a starting surfer you have to go to Mawa Beach. That is also a nice beach to practice. Especially because there are a lot of talented surfers hanging around and giving you directions and tricks.
Yet there are two other, much less popular, beautiful beaches: Lancing Beach and Mawun Beach. These beaches are located on the west side of Kuta. If you go to the east side, you can for example visit the beach of Tanjung Aan. At the beach you will find homemade beach bars, where you can eat and drink at a bamboo table. Enjoy the people, who make music and play on their own guitar. Afterwards, sit down on one of the bamboo beach chairs with a parasol over your head and a fresh coconut in your hand.


Kuta Lombok is really full of delicious eateries. In the "main street" you have enough western options, but for those who want to go more locally, there are plenty of local options. Along the beach are a few stalls, where you can buy fresh coconuts, which are cut open in front of you or they roast a corn on the barbecue for you. You can enjoy the peace, read a book, swim in the sea, or walk along the coastline. A perfect place for the investment of your dream home.

"Every morning I got up, walked to my yoga class and walked back for breakfast. In the afternoon we got on the scooter to visit wonderful beaches and at the end of the day I went to yoga again. Delicious !!
I really wanted to do a yoga retreat, but those things are quite expensive. For 500,000 (30 euros) I could, however, unlimited yoga at Mana Retreat. They had many varying classes and a lovely open room overlooking a tropical garden. Pure enjoyment!"





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