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"I really went out of curiosity and I love to go off the beaten track. I wasn't disappointed. The driver took us and parked and we wandered around in awe of all the gorgeous material on offer. You can buy by the meter. I did see an American man who said there are different qualities and to prices can vary. I just chose a pattern I liked and asked how much and bartered from there deciding for myself how much I want to pay. It worked out well. I also bought some brass cups and a bell and a basket. It doesn't have the huge range some markets may but this is for locals and not a touristy thing. We loved it."

The market of Klungkung

          Klungkung is a cozy city where you can shop quietly. The shops and the traditional Galiran Market (Pasar Galiran) are rich in merchandise that you will not easily find anywhere else on Bali. Here you will find real Balinese souvenirs, which you do not find elsewhere.
The Galiran Traditional Market is orderly because the sellers are divided on the basis of their kind of products, such as: fruit, religious items, vegetables, herbs, eggs and poultry, chickens, ducks and pigs.
The market is located in a colourful building. In addition to meat, vegetable and fruit departments you can find textiles, handmade tools, knives and souvenirs, made of braided coconut wires (sisal) in a separate way. Because Klungkung is not a resort, where many tourists are staying, everything is cheaper on the market than elsewhere in Bali.
This market is very popular with locals.

This traditional Klungkung market is the main market for religious prullaria, icons, small statues of Dewi Sri, peculiar and unknown coins, temple parasols and other items that only insiders can show to you.
There is everything for sale: from car helmets to ceremonial showcases, decorated with Kamasen paintings. This is the typical traditional painting style that you find in Klung Kung.
The market begins early at 6:00 in the morning. At about 6 pm, the market has suddenly ended. Suddenly all the busts have disappeared, when the setting sun is coming. The buying range of customers has disappeared. The marketers are ready to go home.
You can spend easily 2 to 3 hours in this colourful market.


Every three days at Pasah (a three-day week based on the Balinese calendar), the market is visited the most frequently. It is comparable to the weekend shopping with us. In 1994, the market area was expanded to 3 hectares, consisting of 14 building blocks, each selling different types of goods. It is divided into blocks.
Blocks A, B and C sell consumer products. Block D and E are specialized in agricultural products, Block F for vegetables.
Food and drink and different fruits are available in blocks G and H. While, J and I sell various live stock and pottery products, while baskets and salt can be found in block K.
Block L and M sell meat and sugar and block N for cakes and clothes.

Live Stock at the Market

"It really was good to look around an authentic Balinese market, one really for the locals and not tourists. It is huge, 3 levels inside and packed with fabrics, clothes, home wares.
Lots of food and vegetable sellers around the outside of the lowest level. Also many bird and aquarium suppliers outside the bottom level if you are looking for that sort of thing.
Not geared for tourism so I couldn't find any clothes for my big western body but so worth looking around for us anyway. If you are more petite then you may have some better luck than me. Cheap shoes too.
We found some great Balinese decorations for the house at a very good price.
One of the best Balinese markets I have seen as its not geared for tourists (I was the only westerner there, only locals)"

Also lunch is very good....

"This market is mostly covered, this big market needs to be explored by checking nooks and crannies for hidden passages to different market areas. Religious parafernalia, cloths and clothes, foodstuffs and many other things."


Puri Bagus Candidasa Hotel

This hotel is located on a small secluded beach of silvery black sand with plenty of great restaurants within walking distance. The main road in Candidasa is a 10-minute walk from the Puri Bagus Candidasa Hotel and offers a great selection of restaurants offering traditional Balinese and Western cuisines. All rooms and suites are decorated in a traditional style with furniture made from shiny coconut wood. A secluded open-air shower area with a small tropical garden is a definite hit with visitors here. The beach in front of the hotel is an idyllic spot to unwind, either over a favorite book or while enjoying a relaxing Balinese massage on one of the traditional beds on stilts. When you're ready to book a room at Puri Bagus Candidasa Hotel, please enter your travel dates into the secure online booking form and click.

More information and photos:  Puri Bagus Candidasa Hotel |click now|








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