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"We start the day with a banana pancake, leave the big luggage behind, get an Italian scooter with a large seat and departure to destination unknown. The deserted beaches along the coast are covered with volcanic sand and surrounded by palm trees. By means of a well winding and steep road, which gives a view over the coastline, we drive on. On the way we stop at a small beach restaurant and order lunch. I expect to have ordered fish, this is also correct .. however, they are fish heads. And I leave this (un)grateful."


          Gerupuk (Grupuk) is a fishing village in the south of Lombok. On the map you will find that at the bottom right. The locals greeted the tourists with a smile and often offer them a snack. Some traditional houses can still be seen in the village, but modern times are also entering the sleepy fishing village. When it comes to the main charm of Gerupuk, it is definitely the beach. With the big waves and strong winds, the sea is the best location for surfing on Lombok! Even beginners can try surfing here, as long as they know the basics of surfing and can swim well. If not, they can easily discover the village and enjoy the culinary cuisine.

As a tourist you can best approach the villagers themselves to see their culture. The local population mainly consists of fishermen and farmers, but some also sell beautiful pearls. No wonder, some tourists come to Gerupuk to buy such beautiful things. Apart from the pearls, villagers sell delicious traditional dishes, especially Plecing Kangkung. Vegetarians would certainly fall in love with it. Both the taste and the texture of the food are excellent!

After exploring the village and culinary tasting, tourists should visit the beach. As mentioned earlier, Gerupuk Beach is famous for its excellent waves. That means that it is the most suitable for surfers, both challenging and stunning.



In fact, there are 5 different surf spots where you can surf well, including Terasaq, Batu Lawang, Prigi, Giligoleng and Batu Teong. Only experienced surfers can surf there. The reason is that the waves are rather risky for beginners. For those who do not like water sports, they can enjoy hiking instead.
Gerupuk Village also become a destination for hiking. There is a small hill near the local settlement, which is often visited for sightseeing. After reaching the top of the hill, you have a breathtaking view of the sea, the landscape and nature. You will be surprised!


Uit een reisverslag:

"After this we go to a traditional village where they weave cloths, working very hard for little money is our impression. Afterwards we arrive in a shop where we can of course buy something. Next stop is at a coffee maker, again a kind of small village where the women start to make fire. In a wok pan the rice is then roasted together with coffee & cocoa beans. Next step is grinding in a kind of large herb bowl. With big bats they are standing around and in the box, they are just the flinstones. When we try this ourselves, it turns out to be heavier than expected."





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