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Cycling on BALI

"While we were in Ubud in Bali, we went on a cycling tour of the countryside and it was one of my favourite things about our entire time in Bali. On our penultimate morning in Bali we rose early to be picked up for a cycling daytrip with Bali Eco Cycling. This was another recommendation from a friend and itís a daytrip beginning with breakfast at a viewpoint overlooking the enormous crater of the Mount Batur volcano, which last erupted in 2000."

If youíre reading this right now, it means that youíre looking for a fun and exciting way to see the Bali off the beaten tourist path. You know that there is more to experiencing Bali than just the crowds and tour busses, hanging at the bars in Kuta, or the head spinning shopping frenzyÖ and yet you havenít figured out exactly where to go to get the insiderís peek at rural village life and the beautiful backdrop of Baliís countryside. Biking and Trekking in Bali is one of the BEST and most UNFORGETTABLE ways to explore the people, the land and the Balinese way of life.
You're ready to discover the authentic Bali culture and landscapes by bike, which look like pictures in magazines.

Biking in Bali isn't suitable for every place, of course. Bali's traffic is notoriously chaotic, so a bicycle ride in areas like Denpasar and Kuta might be the last thing you'll ever do.
You have to limit your independent Bali bicycle jaunts to countryside's in and around Ubud and Lovina. And check the weather before you go - if sunny weather just isn't forthcoming, you may need to postpone your bike ride for safety's sake.
If sunny weather just is not made for that day, it may be necessary to delay your bike ride for sure. You can rent a bicycle at a rental for around IDR 25,000 per day.
Pickings may be slim if you're looking for a specific type of bike. If you're an avid bicyclist, do bring your own bike to ensure the best Bali bike experience possible.


If you're renting a bike for a day or more, follow these rules:

  • Check the bike's vitals before heading out: ensure that the wheels are properly aligned, the brakes work as advertised, and, if you're heading out near dark, that a light is attached to the bike. If anything seems out of whack, do not accept it. If you do, any damage might be attributed to you by the rental.

  • Bring your own helmet and gloves (or rent them) to ensure adequate protection; renting the right gear in Bali can be hit-or-miss.

  • Ensure the road conditions are the type you can handle. Not all roads are comfortable over long distances, and some of the inclines may be too steep to take

  • Ride on the left side of the road. Left-hand traffic prevails in Indonesia.

  • Don't ride on the main roads. The side roads are a better fit for your bike; a map like the Bali Pathfinder, readily available in Ubud, can help you pick your way through these paths.

  • Don't put any valuables on the basket in front, if provided. Snatch-thefts by men on motorcycles have been known to happen.


Cycling in a group

If you prefer your Bali biking experience to be a social event - and if you want to cover more ground with the help of a guide - then sign up with one of Bali's many organized bike tours.

Bali's organized bike tours may be the best way to tour Bali, ironically without feeling like much of a tourist. Bali by bike lets you see the "real" Bali, on street level, not removed from it as a tourist locked up in a bus might be.

There are bike tours for all types of bikers of all ages, from the mildest of beginners to the most hard-core mountain bike enthusiast. The cost of the tour often includes meals, safety gear, and return trips from and to your hotel.

The easier bike tours are conducted along paved, blacktop roads on relatively flat surfaces. More "extreme" bike tours go off-road, taking riders along Bali's goat trails and gravel roads that may lead up to Bali's mountain slopes.






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