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Art Market Kuta

"Got some great bargains hear. There are a lot of stalls to choose from so they really compete with each other. You will get hassled and grabbed. I found that being stern and having a look from the outside of the shop what you may like then going back there after you know what you want. This will help you and the shop keepers stress levels.
Prices I paid rage from $3 - $5 max for long hippy pants. $3- $5 ray band sunnies, $2 sarongs, $3 shorts. The Bitang stuff is marked up as they know the tourist like it. "

          The Kuta Art Market is a traditional market where you can buy souvenirs and items that are made by the locals. Prices vary, depending on your haggling skills.

This market starts in the morning very early, as would start every traditional market in a Balinese village. The locals come at morning buy the groceries and fresh products at the market. For example, around the clock of 8 hours the market transforms. It slowly turns into the Art Market. The stalls with art and curiosa appear on the market: the art awakens slowly after eight o'clock.
Almost all items, that are sold here, are the same as those which are sold on the art markets of Ubud and Sukawati. The items usually come from the same suppliers in Gianyar, or are made by local craftsmen in Kuta, or the items come from the surrounding areas.
In terms of pricing you can expect higher prices in Kuta, then in Sukawati. But your negotiation skills play an important role. On the art side you will find among other things like, paintings, carvings, jewelry, stone sculptures and a plethora of other items including colorful batik.
This compact market is easily found at the end of Jalan Bakung Sari-way street, adjacent to the Kuta Sidewalk and barely at Jalan Kartika Plaza Street. Visitors who go to or from the beach, will pass the market.

In the market you have to haggle. This is a game between buyer and seller.
The most important thing to remember is, that you must always be polite and friendly. It is, as they say, "Do not loose your face."
Bargaining is expected and even encouraged. It is a component of the shopping on the market. Often the seller will make gestures, but if all goes well, you'll laugh along with the shop owner at the end. It's all part of the game.

Often it is useful to decide in advance what you want to pay for an item, which you want to buy, before you start negotiating..

How do you bargain?


You should start by offering an third of the price for your purchase. Slowly wait until the price goes down slightly. Now you can raise the price slightly. You continue to slowly raise the price. The seller will also lower his price.
Do not be afraid, to take your time: your patience will be rewarded with much lower prices.
If the offered price is still much higher than your maximum budget, then walk slowly out of the store. Often the seller will call you back and offer you a lower price.
Make sure you check the quality of your product before you pay and get out of the store (or to the next stall).
Once you've won the negotiations battle, you'll be hooked and you will have fun shopping at this kind of market.

The Kuta Art Market also has leather goods and furniture. And as with any open-air art market, there are no fixed prices, bargaining is common. Kuta Art Market also serves as a shopping haven as it is located out of sight of passing traffic and modern shops on the adjacent boulevards.






Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Located along the shores of the Kuta Beach, this hotel is very close to heart of Bali's entertainment and shopping hub. Like all other signature hotels across the world, the Hard Rock Hotel Bali in Bali is a music lover's paradise. It features 418 tribute rooms and suites which sport a rock music decor and also contain music memorabilia from the 1950s onwards. In addition to pool and spa recreation, music enthusiasts can try their hand at singing in the hotel's Boom Box Recording Studio. Dining options are aplenty with Centerstage and Hard Rock Cafe featuring live bands and Splash Bistro, Starz Diner, and HRBC Deli offering global cuisine. For a truly unique and memorable experience, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is the place to be.

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