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"Wow ........ what a great waterfall. It is a nice short walk to the Kroya waterfall. You get a life jacket and you can then slide down the waterfall. There is also a smaller slide for children to slide off. A lot of guidance they leave you alone for a moment. Possibility of a 12 meter drop.
Certainly worth a visit!"

The Kroya Waterfall


          The Kroya Waterfall is located in the Sambangan Secret Garden in the northern jungle of Bali near Singaraja. The waterfall is surrounded by vibrant, green vegetation. The crystal-white water falls in the fall from a rock wall of 12 meters down into a deep pool of iridescent blue water. It is an impressive sight and perhaps one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. It is a paradise for adrenaline junkies.
To visit the Kroya waterfall, you must purchase a ticket for Sambangan Secret Garden. You can only book an entrance ticket, which costs around 20,000 rupiah, or you can book a trekking trip. A trek with a guide costs 125,000 per person. Of course you see more and get a lot of explanation.
I strongly recommend that you buy a trekking ticket when you only visit the Kroya waterfall, because otherwise you cannot slide down. At the entrance there is a counter where you can buy a ticket and the guides will wait for you at the waterfall.

It is one of the nine waterfalls in the Sambangan Secret Garden, which is also the home of the famous Aling Aling waterfall and the Blue Lagoon. The Kroya Waterfall is unique because the water flows through a smooth slit and forms a natural water slide.

Although the thought of sliding down a 12-meter waterfall may seem a little strange when you first arrive, it is actually incredibly safe and, more importantly, extremely exciting.
Before going to the slide, you can get your adrenaline going by jumping five meters into the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. After enjoying a refreshing dive, go with your guide to the top of the waterfall.


The guides will provide you with a life jacket and place you correctly to ensure that you slide down safely. The first time is a bit of a shocking experience, so I recommend going a second time to fully appreciate the experience. There is also a smaller slide for children to slide off. A lot of guidance the guides leave you alone for a moment.
I also recommend arriving as early as possible at 8 o'clock in the morning, because at 10 o'clock it gets pretty busy and you have to stand in line before you can jump and slide.

A jump into the pool

At the bottom of the waterfall a small, deep "pool" has formed. From this the water flows quickly between and over the rocks. After you slide down the Kroya waterfall, you can swim in the direction of the Kembar waterfall while gliding through rocky lakes along the way. You can jump ten meters down at the Kembar waterfall before you go to Pucuk waterfall, where you can make a fifteen meter jump.

The entrance to Kroya Waterfall is marked as Aling Aling Waterfall on Google Maps. There is also a fairly large parking lot at the entrance, where you can park the scooter or moped for a small fee. You must take about one and two hours for this trek.

The Kroya waterfall


From a travelogue:

"Although Aling Aling Waterfall is the famous name that you hear everywhere, it is actually Kroya Waterfall that gets all the attention these days! Again, the Kroya Waterfall is located in the beautiful secret garden (the Secret Garden) on Bali and it is a paradise for adventurers.
The adjacent waterfalls are the Kembar and the Pucuk. There are plenty of activities to do in this area. From jumping off cliffs of 5, 10 or 15 meters height to literally using the waterfall rocks as slides.
The Kroya Waterfall has everything."







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